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Eskola International School has made its journey to retain a unique approach interms of assisting students with gaining a qualification on par with international requirements.

Eskola International School has made its journey to retain a unique approach interms of assisting students with gaining a qualification on par with international requirements.

Eskola International School was established on the 5th of January 1986 as Bonn Institute with twenty kids warming the ground of the school. Seven years later on 10th of February 1993, the name was changed as ACA institute comprising of the Pre-Primary school. In 2008, the institute was renamed as Eskola International School.

Having identified the demand for English medium international education, we have undertaken the responsibility of guiding the students to their progressive march towards the Edexcel syllabus and the National syllabus in English medium. We nurture and educate students under a truly religious atmosphere and environment by providing access to all religions without any discrimination.

Now in the year 2015, we have overcome all difficulties and reached the heights with a student population of 600 during short span. The students have been exposed to many extra-curricular activities via sports, athletics, social services and community services by the careful guidance and supervision of the sports and management section.

The media unit adds personality development of students by giving opportunities to highlight themselves in many occasions. Our exclusive revision classes blend with interactive programmes, leadership building activities and excursions will help the students to overcome their weak areas and stepping into develop their inborn talents to find their ultimate goals.

Our education is geared towards enhancing the English language competency of the students with Elocution, Speech and Drama programs to ensure a complete competence in correct pronunciation as which would a definite advantage for our students in the increasingly competing global atmosphere.

We now have classes from Play group to A/L and we offer streams in Science, Art, Commerce and ICT. We are proud to say that we have been recognized as a registered Edexcel International School and as an Examination center for Edexcel International IGCSE, Advanced Subsidiary, Advanced Level Examinations, International primary and lower secondary curriculum examinations.

While commending the Principal, management and the staff of Eskola International School, our sincere appreciation goes to all parents and well-wishers for creating the right environment and giving the required assistance to achieve our objectives. A bouquet for the commitments and dedication and efforts to achieve remarkable success and we look forward to step over another milestone.

Our School Flag

Our Religious Flag

Our Vision

Our vision is to challenge each student to reach their fullest potential while developing self-awareness, self confidence and self-discipline to take increasing ownership for their learning.

Our Mission

We will inspire an Academic and Well Disciplined learning environment at Eskola where all the students, teachers, parents and patrons will be challenged as community learners to reach their maximum potential.

Our Motto

Committed to Academic Excellence and Integrity.

School Song

Eskola the best among equals…..
She stands on the peak far above all …..
Wisdom and true service is us …..
Our moto is to precious of all .. 

I see you through oceans’ blue..
Your presence is so blessed of all ..
I will be faithful and be true ..
Eskola you are worthy of all..

Our sound tower where we grow strong..
You lit our way through lessons of time..
I learn to live by righteousness..
Eskola you are for ever be mine..



A personalized approach of capacity learning will help to prepare each student for good citizenship and personal development for the next stage of life.



The implementation of coherent curriculum as a vehicle to provide students with foundation of knowledge and skills for complete participation in a competitive society.

Professional Development


Providing support and training to academic and administrative staff so that they are well equipped with adequate preparation to perform their responsibilities and continue their own learning.



Encouraging participation and involvement of both School and community members to partner and become leaders for learning.

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Manjula Piyatissa
Vice Principal - Academic
Sivaraji Sivaranjan
Vice Principal - Academic

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