Pre- Primary


  • A child friendly curriculum with a spectacular array of illustrations and examples.
  • Designed & Guided by A.M.I. panel of professionals.
  • Interacting and exciting themes and activities that creates versatility among children.
  • Innovative modules will ensure that Children learn to face the competitive world with confidence and courage


  • Pool of AMI qualified teachers
  • Kind and versatile teachers who are very fluent and eloquent.
  • Guided and supervised by Head of Pre-Primary.
  • In the National curriculum, all subjects are conducted in English medium.
  • Junior Band –Western
  • Western Music-Keyboard
  • Special Modules for Learning English
  • To nurture our children to be well conversant in English with proper rhythms and intonation.
  • Helps to become an Independent reader.


  • Modern colorful classrooms. Both National and International Curriculum.
  • Well-equipped classrooms.
  • Library
  • Play area.
  • Garden for physical activities
  • TV Room