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Eskola International School has made its journey to retain a unique approach interms of assisting students with gaining a qualification on par with international requirements.

Having identified the demand for English medium international education, we have undertaken the responsibility of guiding the students to their progressive march towards the Edexcel syllabus and the National syllabus in English medium. We nurture and educate students under a truly religious atmosphere and environment by providing access to all religions without any discrimination.

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I know that I have a cosmic energy.
I make ever attempt at all times to bring to the light.
I strive to make my future success.
I walk towards the fame and victory.
My utmost responsibility is to fulfill the complete education.
Which I can gain from Eskola
Promising myself and keeping alive my dreams,
I’ll definitely achieve my goal.
I will face all the obstacles fearlessly.
I do not have dilemma.
I have only the challenger.


Meet our Panel

Eskola International school has distinguished personalities to lead from the front to establish and maintain the standard of the education to great  extent with their unique approach. 

The Director Mohan S. Subramaniam  has the experience of serving the  International Business Field in  Pharmaceuticals in the capacity of the International Country Head for South East Asia  till 2016. He has been contributing himself towards the school in numerous ways throughout the history of Eskola.

The principal of Eskola International school Mrs. Kaushalya Mohan,  is highly qualified with more than 25 years of  teaching experience in government and private sector and served in many schools in similar capacity. 

The entire school is well disciplined and dedicated towards education  under her eminent leadership. 

Further the school operates with two well qualified vice Principals sharing the responsibilities of academic excellence and administrative aspects.

Apart from the above, in order to ensure the quality of education at all grades , the appointed Sectional  Heads are truly determining themselves to deliver their best to the school.

Sivaraji Sivaranjan
Vice Principal - Administration

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